At Allure Studio Seven, we believe in the power of creative marketing that's memorable.

How it all started...

Hello! My name is Amanda, and I'm the brains behind Allure Studio Seven.

Back in 2016, I started my journey selling real estate, and finding marketing materials that fit my personality was no easy task. I and almost every agent I know wanted to make a splash in a sea of sameness when it came to marketing. Eventually, client appreciation became the puzzle piece that landed me more referrals than ever before. But during my time in the industry, I felt a strong sense of wanting to create marketing materials that were different, especially around client appreciation.

I envisioned creating products that prioritized nurturing relationships and maintaining contact, without coming across as pushy or salesy. Instead, I wanted to aim for a message that conveyed an "I'm here to support" attitude. And naturally, I would infuse an artsy touch that was unlike what people are used to receiving.

Allure Studio Seven was born out of the pandemic of 2021 - what started as a small template store with big dreams quickly grew into a full-blown print shop as demand for our products skyrocketed and we received a tidal wave of amazing feedback from our customers. The support and feedback has been an incredible driving force that keeps me motivated to continue what I started.

Since 2021, we've stocked up, racked up clients, and been so thrilled to assist other service-based companies across the country in making their mark and standing out through direct mail and gifts in today's tech-savvy world.

I hope to have the chance to whip up some postcards for you that will help you create waves throughout your community!

Why We're Different

There's hundreds of template shops out there that sell similar products where you can personalize and print them yourself (we actually started as one!). But we soon realized, you're busy, and we can save you a lot of time, money and possibly confusion.

When¬†buying a template, you take a few risks‚ÄĒyou may not be happy with the way it prints or may have a hard time personalizing the product on your own.¬†That's why we've decided to start printing our products in-house, so you can rest easy knowing that your order¬†will meet our high standard of quality.

We take care of all the printing, design, and logistics allowing you to focus on what you do best. That way, when your items arrive at your door step, it's ready!

Our Mission

Since being in service-based businesses for years, I know how building trust and staying connected with your database is paramount to success. Starting this has allowed me to stay connected with the community where I started and hearing the great feedback from our customers has made me so excited for what's to come. We hope to be a partner in your marketing efforts to create materials your clients, friends, and family will love! 

We're killin' it in the customer service department!

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